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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Mt. Vernon, OH

Generally, the term indoor air quality refers to the quality of air inside and around structures/buildings directly associated with the comfort and health of the building occupants. Indoor air quality is a notable concern for any home due to increased air pollution over the past century. And it is essential to note that air pollution can substantially impact health and comfort.

Air pollution in your home or business can affect your heating and cooling system’s performance. Understanding common pollutants and controlling them indoors and outdoors can help trim your risk of indoor health concerns and your family. Cosby Heating & Cooling can ensure you the benefits of outstanding air quality. We are BBB accredited and NATE certified. Therefore, we offer a broad spectrum of options to help you address any air quality problems in your home or business spaces where air pollutants can be up to 5× more concentrated than outdoors.

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Indoor Air Pollution

During this post-pandemic period, you are likely to spend up to 90 percent of your time indoors. So, your exposure to indoor air pollution can lead to more severe consequences than it may have in the past. At Cosby Heating & Cooling, our professional commercial and residential indoor air quality technicians help reduce air pollutant levels by offering the best solutions on the market and being as thorough as possible in our work.
The Cosby Heating & Cooling team in Mt. Vernon, OH, can address the causes of your residential or commercial indoor air pollution at the source like:


  • Personal habits
  • Faulty furnaces
  • Lack of ventilation
  • Housekeeping practices
  • Dirty ductwork and filters
  • Low humidity Levels
  • Volatile compounds
  • Carbon monoxide
  • High humidity levels

The Cosby Heating & Cooling Indoor Air Quality Guarantee

With today’s well-insulated and tightly sealed homes, the air inside your residential space can be approximately 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outside air. Luckily, you can call Cosby Heating & Cooling and ask about our high-quality products and services that help to enhance your indoor air quality. We provide the following indoor air quality in Mt. Vernon, OH, and surrounding area services:

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  • Free in-home consultation with one of Cosby Heating & Cooling’s highly-experienced HVAC specialists.
  • Our indoor air quality experts can remove contaminants like pet dander, and pollen that often worsen allergic conditions using our air filtration products.
  • Our indoor air quality experts also boost home personal comfort by properly controlling indoor humidity using humidifiers. Humidity control is also an excellent technique for reducing static electricity (that usually damages electronics) and protecting wood floors and furniture.
  • Cosby Heating & Cooling also has carbon monoxide detectors that our commercial and residential indoor air quality experts can install in your business space or home. These devices can protect you and your family from this silent killer gas.
  • Our indoor air quality experts use ultraviolet lights to destroy airborne microbial growth of bacteria, viruses, and mold throughout your home or commercial space, cooling coils, and ductwork.
  • Using fresh air ventilators, our experts eliminate the pet, chemical, and cooking odors by expelling them into the outside environment. Using our zoning and programmable thermostats, we maintain each section of your home at the required comfort level to help you meet your lifestyle goals.

Why Cosby Heating and Cooling?

Help with selecting an energy-efficient heating and air conditioning system that meets your comfort preference and lifestyle.

Costless consultations from the comfort of your home with one of our HVAC technicians.

Proper sizing of the equipment to meet the unique needs of your home.

Full factory warranties on all equipment and labor.

A convenient way to pay for your installation through our flexible financing options, subject to credit approval.

Emergency Services Available.

Cosby Heating & Cooling

Our team is dedicated to offering the best possible solutions for your business or home. Cosby Heating & Cooling is bonded and insured, and we also have a State of Ohio HVAC License, meaning you can count on us to offer you the solution and system that fits your particular needs.

You can locate Cosby Heating & Cooling at our Mt. Vernon offices or reach us at (740) 431-4230. At Cosby Heating & Cooling, our experts are ready to address your indoor air quality needs from Monday to Friday, 7:30 am to 5 pm.


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