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Dealing with Humidity: Strategies for Controlling Moisture in Your Bellville, OH Home

By August 10, 2023August 11th, 2023No Comments
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Ohio isn’t considered to be one of the most humid states in the country. It barely cracks the top 20 in comparison to other states.

But that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to find yourself dealing with a humid home from time to time. When it gets very warm in Ohio in the summertime, you might struggle when it comes to controlling humidity in your Bellville, OH home.

There are, however, some steps you can take to prevent a moisture problem in your home caused by humidity. Installing a moisture control system in Bellville, OH, for example, can work wonders for the humidity levels in your house.

But this is just one of the things you can do when you’re having trouble controlling the moisture levels in your home that are the result of high humidity. Here are some of the other strategies you can put into place to make your house less humid from now on.

Improve the Ventilation in Your Home

How is the ventilation in your home right now? If the air that’s in it is sitting stagnant for too long, this could lead to your humidity levels skyrocketing if you’re not careful.

Doing something as simple as turning fans on and opening up the windows in your home every so often should help with controlling humidity in your Bellville, OH home. You might also want to keep exhaust fans in your home turned on to blow some of the humid air in it outside so that it doesn’t have an impact on it.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioning System Is Working

Your Bellville, OH home’s air conditioning system is essentially a moisture control system in and of itself. It’s designed to remove moisture from the air in your home while it’s working to cool your home off.

The problem, though, is that if your home’s AC system isn’t working properly, it might not be able to remove as much humidity from the air in your home as it should. When this is the case, you’ll want to arrange to have your AC system serviced to get it firing on all cylinders again.

This alone should help you avoid living in a humid home. You might also want to give thought to possibly replacing your home’s AC system altogether if it isn’t working and is starting to get up there in age.

Add Insulation to Your Walls

Are there parts of your home that have either very old insulation in the walls or no insulation at all at this point? This lack of insulation could be contributing to the humidity problem in your house.

When you don’t have enough good insulation in your home’s walls, it can be difficult for your house to maintain a consistent temperature. This can sometimes lead to condensation, and this condensation can add to the moisture levels in your home’s air. It’ll eventually result in your humidity levels spiking.

By adding insulation to your walls, you’ll be able to control moisture and humidity more effectively. You’ll also be able to keep your home in Bellville, OH at a more comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Seal Any Cracks in the Exterior of Your Home

If you happen to have any cracks in the exterior of your Bellville, OH home, they could be allowing humid air to come right inside of it during the summer months. This humid air is going to add to the humidity that already exists in your house and make it so much worse.

The cracks in the exterior of your home could also potentially invite pests to come inside both during the summer and other times of the year. For all these reasons, you’ll want to work on getting any cracks in your home sealed up ASAP. It’ll be so beneficial for your home in a variety of different ways.

Consider Drying Your Clothing Outside

Is your home’s clothes dryer running almost all the time to keep up with your laundry demands? It could be one of the reasons why your Bellville, OH home is more humid than you’d like it to be.

The solution to this problem might be drying your clothing outside as opposed to continuing to dry them indoors. At the very least, you might want to begin drying at least some clothes outside to give your dryer a break and cut down on how much moisture it’s letting out into the air inside.

Keep Pots Covered When You’re Cooking

This might seem like a small thing. But if you leave your pots uncovered when you’re cooking meals, they can let out a large amount of moisture into the air. This moisture can then contribute to your home’s humidity problem, especially if you get into the habit of cooking like this all the time.

By simply covering any pots that you have out on the stove, you can stop moisture from working its way into the air in your Bellville, OH home. It could make a big difference when it comes to controlling moisture and humidity.

Arrange to Install a Moisture Control System

Have you tried almost everything on this list already and come up empty as far as controlling humidity is concerned? In this case, you might be able to benefit from installing a moisture control system in Bellville, OH.

An HVAC company can inspect your home to see what could be causing the spike in your humidity levels and let you know if installing a moisture control system would be the right move to make. It might help with the humidity issues you’ve been having.

Contact Us When You Need Help Controlling Humidity in Your Home

If you have a humid home, it’s going to be almost impossible to keep it comfortable in the summertime. You’ll be almost as uncomfortable as you would be if the temperature in your home suddenly soared into the 80s or 90s.

Cosby Heating and Cooling can help you with controlling humidity. We can install a moisture control system in Bellville, OH that’ll keep your home comfortable and help you avoid all the potential problems that can come along with high humidity levels.

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