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Understanding HVAC Certifications: Ensuring Quality Service in Gambier, OH

By March 14, 2024April 15th, 2024No Comments
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Every year, Americans spend $14 billion on HVAC services and repairs. Some of that goes toward replacing around three million heating and cooling systems.

With that kind of money on the line, homeowners like you should do their due diligence when picking an HVAC company. One way to do this is by looking for and verifying their HVAC certifications and licenses.

So, what credentials should you look for in an HVAC company? What do they even mean, and how can they benefit you?

This guide discusses what you need to know about these certifications, so please read on. 

State Licensing

In Ohio, only commercial heating and AC companies require a state-issued license. However, local building departments may also need this from residential contractors.

You’d want to work with a licensed HVAC company, as it shows their credibility. After all, for one to qualify for a license, they must have:

  • At least five years of relevant work experience
  • Completed federal and state background checks
  • Passed a stringent trade exam
  • Carries contractor liability insurance coverage

So, whenever you need heating and cooling maintenance or repairs, always choose a licensed contractor. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re dealing with a legitimate and experienced service provider.

An HVAC contractor’s liability coverage also benefits you, the homeowner. It covers damages to your property that may happen while the contractor completes a job for you. It also covers defective work or workers’ injuries that may occur on-site.

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certification

NATE is an independent, non-profit organization. It certifies HVAC and refrigeration (HVACR) technicians in the United States. It does so to help homeowners be more confident in their choice of an HVAC company.  

NATE’s certification programs involve rigorous, knowledge-based tests. These exams help establish a technician’s real-world knowledge of working with HVACR systems. 

How Does NATE Certify Technicians?

NATE requires entry-level HVACR techs to pass two exams before applying for certification. These include the “Ready-to-Work” and “HVAC Support Technician” tests. After passing both, techs must earn two (or more) years of work experience in the HVAC sector.

Technicians can only apply for NATE certification when they meet those requirements. Once they have, they must take either of these two routes to become NATE-certified:

  • The Certified HVAC Professional (CHP-5) pathway
  • The traditional NATE certification pathway

In both scenarios, technicians must take and pass even more knowledge-based exams. 

What Do NATE Tests Involve?

The content of NATE exams varies based on the specific test. However, they all help confirm a technician’s knowledge of the following:

  • Construction, electrical, and scientific concepts
  • Chemical, electrical, and mechanical safety
  • How to achieve optimal indoor comfort
  • Measuring humidity and temperature

Techs can also get a certification higher than the standard NATE. They can apply for the Senior Level Efficiency Analyst certificate. However, to take the test for this certification, they must have two specialty-level NATE HVAC certifications: one for heating and another for cooling. 

Why Choose NATE-Certified Technicians?

When you hire a NATE-certified HVAC technician, you can rest assured they have real-world knowledge and skills to fix your heating and air conditioning problems. Whether you need help with an air conditioner leaking or furnace repair, you can rely on them for all these and more. You can also trust them to provide comprehensive AC and heating tune-up services.

You can also expect NATE-certified technicians to have current industry knowledge. This is because they need continuing education or retake exams every two years. Doing so lets them maintain their certification.

NATE-certified techs can also help you make smarter HVAC-related choices. For example, they can guide you in choosing the right furnace that meets the latest energy efficiency standards. 

Pearl-Certified Contractor

Pearl Certification is a third-party certifying program. It helps identify homes with high energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and comfort standards. These include properties with solar, are well-insulated, and have energy-efficient HVAC systems. 

Because of those features, Pearl-certified homes are often more valuable than uncertified ones. For example, they sell for an average of 5% more.

Only Pearl Network contractors can offer Pearl Certification, though. These contractors have proven they provide exceptional services through:

  • Business best practices (e.g., having proper licenses, permits, and insurance)
  • Excellent online ratings and Better Business Bureau (BBB) history
  • Engagement in industry and trade associations, such as NATE

So, if you work with a Pearl HVAC contractor, you can rest easy knowing they’re licensed and insured. You can also expect them to provide exceptional customer service.

Plus, you can rely on them to teach you how to make your home more energy-efficient. By following their tips, you can reduce energy use and save money. 

Certification as a Factory-Authorized Dealer

A factory-authorized HVAC dealer is a dealer certified by an HVAC system manufacturer.

Let’s use the HVAC brand Bryant as an example.

Bryant certifies dealers through the NATE certification program. It also evaluates them for their high service standards and technical know-how.

Bryant also awards its best dealers with a Medal of Excellence (MOE). It gives this award to dealers with high customer satisfaction ratings and impressive sales growth.

There’s also the Bryant Pinnacle Award. To get this, dealers must have earned the MOE five times.

To top it off, Bryant offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on its products and dealers. If you’re unhappy with your equipment within a year of installation, your dealer should return to fix the issue for free. Your other option is to have them recover the equipment and refund you. 

Choose a Contractor With These HVAC Certifications

HVAC certifications from NATE and Pearl show an HVAC professional’s expertise. They demonstrate a contractor’s or technician’s knowledge, skills, and professionalism. This is why you should always choose an HVAC company with such credentials.

At Cosby Heating & Cooling, we are proud of our qualifications. We’re a fully insured, licensed HVAC company certified by NATE, Pearl, and Bryant. We also have an A+ BBB rating.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable, experienced HVAC company in Gambier, call us here at Cosby! We’ll happily provide all your heating and AC needs.